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Advanced charge correction

Charge correction is a powerful tool for foundries producing expensively alloyed steels, nickels and other alloys. It takes a chemistry from our SpectrometerLab software and effectively corrects it using best practices and furnace capacity. The user can fine tune the correction by choosing how tightly to control the result, while the computer does the math using a thousand iterations to produce the best result. The results are then transmitted to the Melting Deck for the operator there to acknowledge and use.

Runtime options allow the operator (generally the lab tech) to override standard specs for any special customer requirements, or to relax limits if allowed for the particular part being run. It takes less than a second to recalculate additions. Of course dilution is taken into account.
  • Charge corrections
  • Graphtic analysis software


  • Automatic calculation of adds.
  • Aim can be adjusted or removed based on customer needs.
  • Total weight of furnace is calculated and monitored to not exceed capability.
  • Trahsmit resulting adds to MeltDeck(s) software for operator action and conformation.
  • Send and receive text messages from MeltDeck(s)
  • Multiple melt decks supported with results only going to the desired melt deck.