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MeltDeck Information Center

MeltDeck information Centers are highly customized program that convey chemistry, charge correction, and thermal analysis information as well as shop orders, special instructions, and part relevant data and requirements. This is not for simple foundries but for those who need careful record keeping and great communications between lab and melting.

In addition, the programs generally will capture and record temperatures, additions, charges, times and other relevant data for archiving. This provides an easy way to modernize your foundry without tying up in-house talent on a process tool that is far beyond normal complexity for IT programmers. Some data has been erased to provide privacy.

  • Example of a MeltDeck Information Center. Click to enlarge.Graphitic analysis software
  • Multiple furnaces tracked
  • Multiple melters tracked
  • Heat numbers manual or automatic
  • Upto 600 alloys standard
  • Prelims and Finals tracked
  • Additions
  • Chemistries
  • Screen blinks RED on new Chemistries and instructions
  • Temperatures
  • Shop Orders
  • Melting Times
  • Notes, Messages from Lab
  • Late adds
  • Ladle adds
  • Other customization available