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MeltLab for Iron Chemistry

MeltLab for iron chemistry preforms the traditional tasks of measuring CE Carbon, Silicon, Liquidus and Eutectic. We were also the first to add the End of Freezing arrest (hat tip Carl Loper) also known s Solidus. What makes makes MeltLab different is an uncompromising attitude for accuracy and precision.

We were the first to introduced a computer based thermal analysis system for foundry production, the first to use a high precision analog to digital converter, the first to use data smoothing to obtain 0.05 degree F precision and 0.1 degree accuracy. We were the first to introduce corrections for wire bias, and the first to detect oxidized iron by thermal analysis.

Today our competition still teases us for all of our "bells and whistles" (Americanism for a lot of features), but the fact remains, we offer more than any competitor for less than the "elephant in the room" (the big 2 billion dollar player), and our stuff is rugged. Our Warranty is for 5 years as opposed to 1 year from our competition, and we have never had any warranty costs or warranty repairs. Our stuff is good. We have been making MeltLabs since 1981 have installed over 500 systems and have brought out 5 major revisions. We are imitated but never excelled.
  • Typical MeltLab Chemistry Screen. Click to enlarge.Graphitic analysis software
  • Up to 9 sampling stations.
  • Up to 50 grades of iron
  • Select which tests to display, font sizes and colors.
  • Charge additions, Charge corrections calculated.
  • Oxide detection available
  • Fine tuning for silicon calculation
  • Prints results to paper or a file (network capable)
  • Graphs copy and paste into Microsoft products: Word and Excel
  • View results from anywhere on the network
  • Supports up to 10 temperature lances