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SandLab - Making use of
Published Sand Equations

For many years the work of Richard Green and Professor Dick Heine have set the standard for green sand relationships. SandLab understands and uses those equations to give you a real time evaluation of your sand. In addition, we have added in sieve analysis and all the equations included in that process. We have also redefined the Screens (three screen sand, four screen sand) to include an additional decimal (3.8 screen sand) to make this test more useful. There was one problem: the published equations had errors in them (unbalanced parens). We went to the source and had Dick Heine clarify them. Here and only here are the correct equations used.

SandLab is an option available with and requiring the GSPC system.
  • Sand data input (click picture to enlarge)

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  • Graphing process changes in SandLab. (click picture to enlarge)click to enlarge

  • Setting up the process description for sand tests. (click picture to enlarge)click to enlarge

  • Setting up the process description for sieve tests. (click picture to enlarge)click to enlarge


  • Compatible with Hartley and other similar devices that transmit results to a printer.
  • Files data to GSPC Data Base and Process Windows.
  • Can capture data from up to 4 sand controllers at the same time.
  • Logs faults as well as data - great for maintenance troubleshooting.
  • See the Process Windows program for more details on the general setup. Process Windows to share data in real time
To calculate many of the special Heine Sand Calculations, it is necessary to identify different variables to the calculation routine. You may refer to Compatibility by an abbreviation that is beyond the smarts of dumb computers. The Items with an '*' after them are required inputs for the equations and need to be present to allow the calculations. The items without the '*' are optional calculations available.

Each special test must be first identified as a "Sand Test", then have the name of the test identified. Sand tests that are customized with your own equation, and those that are just extra manual inputs do not need to be identified