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a more intelligent system

The SpectrometerLab software can greatly enhance the usefulness of your spectrometer by sharing the data in realtime with the foundry floor, providing realtime SPC graphics and text display, and providing charge correction values, and range control by part number. The software works with the GSPC data base system as an input module.
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  • Compatible with ARL, Baird, Spectro, OBLF and other spectrometers.
  • Files data to GSPC, and optionally to Bliss
  • Checks burns for repeatability and for in range by specification
  • Standardization and calibration offered on some models, others work though OEM software
  • Adjustments (offsets) allowed for models where standardization and calibration not provided
  • Graphic and Data presentations on each process/specification with single click
  • Manual Data entry before, during, and after burns speeds up processing of samples
  • Equations and specialized calculations can be easily included in data reporting
  • Imports data from combustion analyzers (carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen)
  • Imports data from MeltLab
  • Exports data to Process Windows and MeltDeck software
  • Integrates with sophisticated charge correction for complex alloys option
  • Uses true ASTM rounding